1. (a) The Team Trophies shall be called
    SPARTANS TROPHY – entries to SPARTANS TROPHY Secretary. Rules for the Spartans Trophy will be available on the website.
    (a) The competitions shall be played annually on a knock-out basis and the League Executive Committee shall be responsible for the organisation.
    (b) An entrance fee decided at an A.G.M. to be paid to the League Treasurer by 31st May.
  2. (a) Eligibility (Teams)
    CHRISTIANA HARTLEY: 1st and 2nd Div. teams
    TRINITY SHIELD: 3rd and 4th Div. teams
    JOSEPH LORD: 5th and 6th Div. teams
    COLLEGE CUP: 7th and lower Div. teams
    SPARTANS TROPHY: All league teams. Rules on the website
    The team trophies are intended for play between Club League teams. It is therefore
    expected that regular players will be used by member clubs. For Round 2 of all four knockout competitions a player who has not played in two league matches may not be used unless playing for a club’s lowest team and with the permission of the tournament secretary. After Round 2 of all competitions a player who has not played in three league matches may not be used unless playing for a club’s lowest team and with the permission of the tournament secretary. The count of league matches played is the week of the closing date for the round not when the match is played.
    (a) Eligibility (Players)
    All registered players who meet the criteria under Rule 2(a) above and who have played for the team for which they are selected, or lower, in at least 50% of their matches. The League rules regarding playing of teams in order of strength apply to all knockout trophy competitions.
    (b) Players may play in more than one team in the same or different rounds of a competition if they are eligible.
    (c) All games and points won by an ineligible player will be forfeited to the opposition team. Persistent breaches of the rule may result in the team being barred from entering the following season’s competition.
    (d) If, as a result of (d) the match is tied then games will decided. If level on games, then a coin will be tossed.
  3. Order of Play, Christiana Hartley, Trinity Shield, Joseph Lord, College Cup.
    (a) Each match shall consist of the events as follows: Men’s and Ladies’ singles, Men’s, Ladies’,
    and Mixed Doubles.
    (b) Events shall be decided over three tie break sets.
    (c) No player shall play in more than one event.
  4. (a) The team designated the ‘Home Team’ shall decide the venue.
    (a) The visiting team shall be offered within four days of the commencing date of a round, three alternative dates for the match to be played. At least one of the three dates shall be a week night (excluding the away teams’ actual league match nights). If the offer is not made within the four days mentioned and the visiting team cannot accept the dates subsequently offered, then the HOME team shall be eliminated. If the offer is made within four days and the visiting team cannot accept any of the three dates offered, the VISITING team shall be eliminated. The commencing date of a round is the day following the day on which the previous round is due to be finished. In the case of 1st round matches, the commencing date is to be fourteen days before the round is due to be finished. If authority is given for a new match to be played after the closing date for a round, then the new date shall be treated as
    the date for which the previous round is due to be finished. Whilst the responsibility rests with the Home Team to offer the dates for the fixture, the away team should make every effort to obtain dates.
    (b) Any difficulties in arranging matches must be reported to the Tournament Secretary immediately. Extensions are only permissible in the case of bad weather and for no other reason.
    (c) Matches shall be played by the stated closing dates for rounds. Failure to do so may result in either or both teams being eliminated.
    (d) The Home Team will provide all the balls, the Away Team will pay half the cost of the balls and take half the balls home.
    (e) Should a match have to be abandoned due to bad weather before a result is achieved, events sets and games completed shall stand and the match continued from close of play.
  5. (a) Team captains shall complete their teams on both copies of the score sheet prior to the start of the match.
    (a) A completed score sheet signed by both Captains shall be sent to the Tournament Secretary by FIRST CLASS POST immediately following completion of the match. (Note: online submission of results will be accepted instead of post)
  6. The League Executive Committee shall:
    (a) Arrange the venue for each final and provide the balls for the match.
    (b) Appoint a referee in each final who shall have full charge of the match.
    (c) Be responsible for the insurance and engraving of the trophies.
    (d) Deal with any matter not provided for by these regulations.
    (e) Be the sole authority for the interpretation of these regulations.
    (f) Arrange the date for each Final which should not coincide with the Wimbledon fortnight.