Regulations – Individual Tournaments

  1. (a) At its first meeting each season, the Executive Committee shall consider organising the following tournaments restricted to Southport and District
  • Tennis League Club members.
  • Tournament A: Level
  • Tournament B: restricted to players in the fifth and lower divisions.
  • Tournament V: Veterans.
  • Tournament J: Junior

(b) Each tournament, unless decided otherwise by the Executive Committee / Individual Tournament Secretary, shall consist of:

Men’s singles, Ladies’ singles. Men’s doubles, Ladies’ doubles. Mixed doubles.

  • All tournaments shall be run in accordance with the regulations of the LTA.
  • (a) All players registered with the League shall be eligible to enter the level tournament.
  • Entry shall be on forms obtainable from the individual Tournament Secretary or in the handbook.
  • Players may be seeded in the A and B Tournaments at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary.
  • Veteran competitors shall conform to the following criteria:

Gentlemen: 50 years old and over before the closing date. Ladies: 50 years and over before the closing date.

  • Unless decided otherwise by the Executive Committee / Individual Tournament Secretary:
  • Matches shall consist of 3 sets, 1st and 2nd sets to tie break at 6-6. Final set to be an advantage set.
  • The first named player(s) in any draw shall be at home.
  • The home player(s) shall provide three LTA standard balls acceptable to the opponents.
  • The visiting player shall be offered within four days of the commencing date of a round, three alternative dates for the Match to be played. At least one of the three dates shall be a week night. If the offer is not made within the four days mentioned and the visiting players cannot accept the dates subsequently offered then the Home Team shall be eliminated. If the offer is made within four days and the visiting team cannot accept any of the three days offered, the visiting players shall be eliminated. The commencing date of a round is the day following the day on which the previous round is due to be finished. In the case of 1st round matches the commencing date is to be 14 days before the round is due to be finished. If authority is given for a match to be played after the closing date for a round, then the new date shall be treated as the date for which the previous round is due to be finished.
  • The Executive Committee / Individual Tournament Secretary:
  • shall determine the entry fees per player per event;
  • shall determine the date by which entries, accompanied by entry fees, shall be in the hands of the tournaments secretary.
  • shall arrange the seeding and draw;
  • shall direct when and where matches shall be played and the disposal of the results:
  • shall determine the prizes to be awarded:
  • may delegate their authority to such sub-committees as they see fit;
  • shall have the power to refuse the entry of anyone who, in its opinion, is too good a player for the B Tournament.
  • shall have the power to cancel any event in the B, V or J tournaments if, in its opinion, the entry is not sufficient to warrant the event. Five events shall be played in the A tournament.

(f) shall deal with any matter not provided for by these regulations and shall be the sole authority for the interpretation thereof.