Southport & District Tennis League


The League shall be called The Southport & District Tennis League


The objectives of the League shall be:-

  • to promote tennis generally in Southport and District.
  • to ensure any action to further the interests of the game.
  • to ensure that affiliated members shall observe:
    • the laws of tennis
    • the regulations of the LTA
    • the regulations of the Lancashire County LTA.


  • The League shall be affiliated to the Lancashire County LTA.
  • Members, eligible for affiliation to the League at the discretion of the Executive Committee, shall be:
  • clubs of which at least one of the objects is lawn tennis and which have their headquarters and courts in Southport and district. The Executive shall determine the effective district boundary.
  • individuals, known as private members who shall:-
  • pay an annual subscription.
  • receive copies of all League circulars.
  • be eligible to attend League general meetings and hold office
  • private members shall have no vote.
  • Honorary Life Members

Individual members of individual clubs are ipso facto indirect members of the League.

(c) The League year, for which all Officers and committee members whether elected, co-opted, or substituted shall hold office and during which the registration of players shall subsist, shall be from the 1st day of March in one year to the last day of February in the following year.


Executive Committee – Structure
  • The Management of the League shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of:-
    • the officers of the League who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
    • nine other members, not more than two from any club to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, three of whom shall retire each year in rotation.
  • The officers of the League shall consist of:-
    • President, Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Hon. General Secretary
    • Hon. Treasurer
    • Hon. Match Secretary
    • Hon. Tournaments and Competitions Secretaries
  • Six members shall form a quorum at any committee meeting.
  • All retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
  • The Chairman shall have a casting vote at all meetings of the Executive.
Executive Committee – Terms of Reference
  • The Executive Committee shall have power to:-
  • transact the general business of the League.
  • co-opt such assistance as the Committee see fit; these members shall not be full members of the Committee.
  • fill any casual vacancy occurring to the Committee, including a vacancy under Clause (iii) of this rule but anyone so appointed shall serve only until such time as the original member would have retired by rotation;
  • elect at any time any number of Vice-Presidents of the League, to hold office for such period as the Executive may determine;
  • take any steps which they consider necessary for the purpose of enforcing payment of any subscription or fines payable or imposed under any rules for the time being of the League;
  • elect Honorary Life Members;
  • appoint and delegate powers to sub-Committees for any purpose considered desirable and such- sub-Committees may co-opt members to the sub-Committee from outside the Executive provided that the number of co-opted members is always less than the number of members of the Executive on the sub-Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall meet not less than three times annually. Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Chairman or at the request in writing of at least six members of the Executive.
  • If any member of the Executive Committee be absent from three consecutive meetings he may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be treated as having thereby tendered his resignation.

General Meetings

  • The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in the month of February on a day and at a place and time appointed by the Executive Committee for the adoption of the Executive Committee report and audited accounts, any alterations to rules, the election of officers and the Executive Committee as required under Rule 4, the election of the Hon. Auditor, and such other business as may be transacted in general meeting.
  • All items to be placed on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, including nominations for office and for the Executive Committee, shall be sent in writing to the Hon. Gen. Secretary so as to reach him/her not later than 31st December in the preceding year.
  • Not less than 14 days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given. Written notification to each affiliated club secretary, which shall include the agenda for the meeting and a copy of the audited accounts, shall be deemed to be sufficient notice of the Annual General Meeting.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened upon a resolution of the League Executive or at the written request to the Hon. Gen. Secretary of not less than 20 members being representative of at least six member clubs. Such requests shall state the purpose for which the meeting is required and no other business shall be transacted. The meeting shall be held within one month of such requisition being received by the Hon. Gen. Secretary and the notice and agenda shall be circulated to all member club secretaries at least 14 days in advance.
  • Accidental omission to give the required notice to any Club Secretary shall not invalidate the proceedings at a general meeting.
  • When meetings are at a physical location, clubs shall have one vote per team entered into the Summer League at the time of the meeting providing the number of representatives is equal to the number of teams. When meetings are online, clubs shall have one representative each who will be able to cast one vote for each team which that club has entered into the Summer League at the time of the meeting.
  • Voting shall be by show of hands unless any 6 persons present, and entitled to vote, demand a secret ballot.
  • No member may vote by proxy.
  • No individual may have more than one vote, except the Chairman of the meeting, who shall have a casting vote.
  • At all general meetings, if half the clubs in the League are represented, that shall for a quorum.
  • If there is no quorum for:
  • an Extraordinary General meeting, the motions(s) on the agenda shall be deemed to have been defeated and the meeting concluded;.
  • an Annual General Meeting, it shall be adjourned and another notification shall be circulated without a time restriction. At the adjourned meeting the members present shall form a quorum.


A The financial year of the League shall end on 31st December.

  • Annual subscriptions shall be paid by 31st May in each league year.
  • Any member club affiliated to the League whose subscription remains unpaid after 31st May in each year shall be liable to penalty, suspension or forfeiture of membership at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • All monies due to the league shall be deemed to be owing to the League Hon. Treasurer.
  • The rate of subscriptions shall be:
  • Team Tournament £5.00
    • Spartans Trophy £5.00
  • Annual subscription per club £30.00
  • Private members annual subscription £1.00
  • The rate of registration shall be:
    • Bulk registration per team £20.00


  • Rules
    • Any matter not provided for by these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee, who shall also be the sole authority for the interpretation thereof, provided that any decision given by a General Meeting shall be binding. Any addition to, or interpretation of, these rules made by the Executive Committee shall only be operative until the next Annual General Meeting of the League when they shall be reported to such meeting for confirmation or otherwise. No amendments or alteration to these rules shall be made at a General Meeting.
  • Complaints
    • If any club wishes to make a complaint against any other club or clubs the complaint shall be made in writing to the League Secretary or any of the particular League Secretaries concerned within seven days of the incident. Upon receipt of a complaint to any of the above officials, a copy of the complaint shall be forwarded to the club or clubs who are complained against and a written reply requested within 14 days. The complaint and any responses will be referred to the League Match Regulations Sub-Committee (LMRSC) who will decide on the appropriate action. Any club shall have the right of appeal to the Executive Committee over the decision taken by the LMRSC. In the event of such an appeal, the Executive Committee shall be convened to hear the appeal and all parties to the original complaint shall be invited to attend the meeting. The absence of all or any of the parties to the complaint shall not invalidate any meeting of the Executive Committee hearing the appeal. Any decision taken by the Executive Committee following the appeal shall be final.
  • Other Appeals.
    • Any club or player shall have the right to appeal to the Executive Committee on any matter and any such appeal or other application hereunder shall be dealt with in such manner as the Executive Committee may determine and their decision shall be final.
  • Dissolution
    • Any resolution for dissolution shall be presented in accordance with Rule 6 and a general meeting shall be held as soon as convenient. Two thirds of the votes cast, in accordance with Rule 6, must be in favour for any such resolution to be carried. If the resolution be lost, a further resolution cannot be presented for five years. If, upon winding up or dissolution of the League, there remains, after the satisfaction of all the debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to, or distributed among the members of the League, but shall be given or transferred to some other body or bodies, institution or institutions, having objectives similar, wholly or partially, to the objects of the league, such body or bodies, institution or institutions, to be determined by a simple majority of the members of the league at or before the time of dissolution, and insofar as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision, then to some charitable object.