2020 Autumn League Suspended

Letter from League Secretary

Dear All,

Following on from my email yesterday, we have now had clarification from the LTA that travel into or out of a tier 3 area for competitive matches is not allowed. 
Sefton and the rest of Merseyside is currently a tier 3 area while Lancashire is in tier 2. 
If you have not already seen it, there is a useful table explaining the restrictions that can be downloaded from the LTA’s COVID advice page.

The League Executive met today, 15th October, to consider what to do about the remaining league matches for this year.  It was decided that since 20 of the remaining 57 matches are between clubs in different tiers then, very sadly, it is not practical for the league to continue at this time. 
We are, therefore, suspending the league at the current point and will review the position towards the end of November or before that if there is a significant change to the virus situation. 
This means that no more league matches should now take place until further notice.  However, there is nothing to stop clubs arranging friendly matches with other clubs in the same tier if they wish.

At this stage we have not necessarily cancelled the remainder of the current league and we will keep under review whether it is practical to complete the matches at some point in the future.

Best wishes and stay safe,