1. Read the Handbook and familiarise yourselves with the Rules, especially with the tie-break system operative at 6 games all (see separately). Record uncompleted sets as not played on the scoresheet.
  2. Fill in the scoresheet with names and scores as for the HOME team. Do not reverse them if you are the AWAY team as it leads to confusion. In the case of a re-arranged match, enter the scheduled date AND the date played. Additionally use the Reschedule Button located on LEAGUE PLANNER.
  3. Fill in and exchange scoresheets BEFORE play, thus checking that players are in the correct order, i.e., one first gent and one first lady must play First Mixed, and the other first gent and first lady may play no lower than Third Mixed.
  4. Check carefully before signing and RETAIN ALL SHEETS until next season and have them available in case of dispute or enquiry by LMRSC.
  5. All matches will start with the MIXED events.
  6. The captain of the HOME team will submit the result on-line within 48 hours of the match being played. The captain of the AWAY team will verify within 72 hours.
  7. Captains are responsible for ensuring that every team member adheres to the ITF and the League Code of Conduct regarding Verbal Abuse, Abuse of Balls, Audible Obscenities and Unsportmanship Conduct. The captains are also responsible for the behaviour of the team on and off court. The captains should also monitor the standards of dress of their players.
  8. Try to resolve any disputes on the night of the match. Only if this is not possible, notify the Match Secretary, in writing and within 7 days of the nature of the dispute, who will refer the matter to the LMRSC. Only club match secretaries may contact the League Match Secretary.