Junior League guidance notes for Captains and Parents 2022

A. Each Club has nominated an Adult as Junior Team Captain for each of their junior teams (of age group U16 or younger) and this Team Captain (or nominated parent/adult member/coach) shall attend each fixture to represent their Club and their junior players and help the fixture run smoothly.

B. Junior teams/players shall make every effort to arrive on time to start a fixture. If a team or player has not arrived by 30 minutes after the start time, the Team Captains should call Rob Owens (mob. 07916 139342) to report the issue and circumstances and agree whether to abandon the fixture or find an alternative solution where the fixture can be completed.

C. At league fixtures, Junior players shall follow the S&DJTL Junior Player Code of Conduct.

D. Disputes between players may occur, and in most cases, will be resolved between the players themselves, e.g. line calls, score disputes, etc. All players are expected to discuss a dispute with their opponent to try to resolve it. If the dispute cannot be resolved, players shall raise a racket in the air as a signal to their Captains that there is a problem. The Captains shall then both come onto the court together and will resolve the issue (see also Rule 8C). For this to work, it is important that both team captains stay for the whole fixture (see also Rule 8D).

E. Parents and Spectators should not participate in junior fixtures in any way, e.g. no coaching, no scoring, no line calls, etc. If there is an issue with parent or spectator involving themselves in a junior fixture, this should be reported to the Team Captains (both) and the issue discussed and resolved with the parent/spectator.

F. While it is understandable that parents and spectators wish to give support to their players, this support and encouragement should be done in a way that is fair to both sets of junior players, e.g. applaud good play from the opposition players, not just your own players.