This will apply to all League matches this season. A tie break will operate in all sets when the score reaches 6 games all. The following system shall be used in the tie break games.

  1. The player whose turn it is to serve will be the server of the first point from the right-hand court.
  2. Each player thereafter shall serve in rotation for 2 points (the first from the left court and the second from the right court) in the same order as previously played throughout the set.
  3. After each multiple of 6 points have been completed the pairs will change ends.
  4. The same procedure will continue until one pair reaches 7 points with a 2-point advantage. If the reaches 6 points all, the game will continue until a margin of 2 points is achieved.
  5. The player (or pair in the case of doubles) who served first in the tie break shall receive in the first game of the following set.
  6. Change ends at the conclusion of the tie break.